Lecture Notes


CIS 536 Intranet/Internet Technologies

Prerequisite: CIS 460 or equivalent
Covers the design of intranets and use with internets. Focuses on the design and development of Web applications. Topics include Web databases, Web design, Web Middleware, Web gateways, interfaces, and security.


CIS 309 Web Page Development II - CIS 309 Course Syllabus
Prerequisite: CIS 209 or equivalent
This course covers the design and development of programs related to the design and creation of a Web page application. Other topics covered are the Web Interface, setup of a Web Server, and advanced Web navigation.


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Professor Morteza Anvari


The Corporate Internet: Create and Manage an Internal World

Wide Web Network Showing users how to create an internal

Web system, this book tells them how to build a client/server

network structure that allows instant, random, and unfettered

communications.  A breakthrough book on this revolutionary

concept. this book shows the way for  organizations to use

Web tools internally, so that departments can communicate

n a cost-effective manner.


The following charts are a comprehensive survey of Internet technologies intended for those who are or plan to be professional software engineers.  A key topic will be web application development.  Students will gain hands-on experience developing HTML-based web-client applications including the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Dynamic HTML using JavaScript.  Students will also learn core web-server technologies including server set-up and management, and CGI scripting using Perl.  Security, Intranet implications and electronic commerce will also be covered.  In addition, the course will discuss emerging web-related technologies and future trends.

1. Getting Started

Introduction to Internet Technologies

2. More Internet Technology

Client-Side Web Technology

3. More HTML

Cascading Style Sheets

4. Web Server Technology HTTP Protocol, Log Files

5. Web Server Security Intro Javascript

 6. JavaScript, DHTML and the DOM

7. HTML Forms

8. Perl / CGI Scripting

9. Streaming Multimedia Plug-Ins

10.Building Web Robots



Internet Programing – CIS 209 Course Syllabus

1. Creating a Web Page

2. Adding Hypertext Links to a Web Page

3. Working with Fonts, Colors, and Graphics

4. Designing a Web Page with Tables

5. Designing a Web Site with Frames

6. Creating Web Page Forms

7. Working with Cascading Style Sheets

8. Using Multimedia on the Web

9. Working with XHTML 

10. Working with JavaScript

11. Working with Objects

12. Working with Special Effects 

13. Working with Windows and Frames

14. Working with Forms and Regular Expressions

15. Working with the Event Model 

16. Working with Dynamic Content and Styles

 IP Search

Domain Management

CIS 209 Web Development @ SU                                Lecture Presentations in MS PowerPoint

1. Variables in the Web Design Environment

2. Web Site Design Principles

3. Planning the Site

4. Planning Site Navigation

5. Creating Page Templates

6. Web Typography

7. Graphics and Color

8. HTML Frames

9. Publishing & Maintaining Web Site 

 Lecture Notes in MS Word Document

1. Variables in the Web Design Environment

2. Web Site Design Principles

3. Planning the Site

4. Planning Site Navigation

5.Creating Page Templates

6. Web Typography

7.Graphics and Color

8.  HTML Frames

9. Publishing & Maintaining Web Site 

Electronic Commerce Fundamentals

1. Introduction to E-Commerce

2. The Internet and the Web

3. Web-Based Tools

4. E-Commerce Software

5. Security Threats

6. Implementing Security

7. Electronic Payment Systems

8. Strategies for Marketing

9. Purchasing & Support 

10 Strategies for Web Auction

11. International, Legal, Ethical, & Tax 

12. Business Plans for Implementing

Data Warehousing Charts

Data Warehousing Paper

 Java Lecture Notes