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Alex A. Anvari

AI is a vehicle. You’re the driver
Engineering Economy
  • Economics: Principles & Applications
  • International Economics - Theory & Policy
  • Global Economy
Systems Analysis
  • Systems Analysis and Design Methods
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Data Warehousing
  • Business Intelligence
Mathematical Modeling
  • Probability & Statistics Engineers
  • Differential Equations & Boundary Value 
  • Statistics Calculators

Morteza Anvari, U.S. Army, at MIT CDOIQ 2014 at 8th Annual MIT Chief Data Officer & Information Quality Symposium

Mort Anvari Interview with Center for Creative Leadership - 08 17 2015

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Enterprise ManagementOperation ManagementProject ManagementResource ManagementProcess Management 
Cost Benefit Analysis,   AcquisitionAccountingEconomicsSystems AnalysisMath & StatisticsEngineering Basic
Network Security  
H umanities
Critical Thinking
Decision Making

Preschool Education

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Learn Colors with Preschool Toy Train and Color Balls - Shapes & Colors Collection for Children