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CIS 105 Introduction to Information Systems:  

This course provides an overview of microcomputer applications including a brief introduction to computer concepts, computer operating systems, software and hardware. It introduces the student to word-processing, spreadsheets, the Internet, graphics, and database software. Included is the creation of web pages, integration of the applications, and hands-on introduction to Microsoft Windows commands, files, features and functions

Information Systems


CIS 107 Microcomputer Applications in Business I

Quarter:  Winter 2006, Arlington Campus  http://www.strayer.edu/

Instructor: Prof. Mort Anvari (202) 294-4230 morteza@anvari.net

Class Web Sites: http://www.anvari.net/cis107.htm

Book Web site:    http://www.prenhall.com/grauer/


CIS 107- Course Syllabus  http://www.anvari.net/cis107/CIS107 Syllabus.doc   

1-   Word PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 1.ppt   Microsoft Word 2002, : What will Word Processing do for me?

2-   Word PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 2.ppt   Gaining Proficiency: Editing and Formatting

3-   Word PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 3.ppt   Enhancing a document: The Web and Other Resources

4-   Word PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 4.ppt   Advanced Features: Outlines, Tables, Styles, and Sections

5-   Word PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 5.ppt   Desktop Publishing: Creating a Newsletter

6-   Word PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 6.ppt   Creating a Home Page: Introduction to HTML

7-   Word PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 7.ppt   Workgroups, Forms, and Macros

8-   Excel PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 1.ppt   Introduction to Microsoft EXCEL: What is a Spreadsheet?

9-   Excel PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 2.ppt   Gaining Proficiency: Copying, Formatting, and Isolating Assumptions

10- Excel PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 3.ppt   Spreadsheets in Decision Making: What if?

11- Excel PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 4.ppt   Graphs and Charts: Delivering a Message

12- Excel PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 5.ppt   Consolidating Data: 3-D Workbooks and File Linking

13- Excel PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 6.ppt   A Financial Forecast: Workgroups, Auditing, and Templates

14- Excel PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 7.ppt   List and Data Management: Converting Data to Information

15- Excel PowerPoint Lecture Chapter 8.ppt   Automating Repetitive Tasks: Macros and Visual Basic


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Professor Morteza Anvari


CIS 105 Syllabus Summer of 2008 

Essential Intro to Computers

Introduction to Windows XP

MS Word Chapter 1

MS Word Chapter 2

MS Word Chapter 3

MS Word Web Feature

MS PowerPoint Chapter 1

MS PowerPoint Chapter 2

MS PowerPoint Web Feature

MS Excel Chapter 1

MS Excel Chapter 2

MS Excel Chapter 3

MS Excel Web Feature

MS Access Chapter 1

MS Access Chapter 2

MS Access Chapter 3

MS Access Integration Feature

MS Outlook Chapter 1

MS Office 2007 Integration






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Microcomputer Applications in Business I


 04:30pm - 07:30pm



01/09/2006 03/27/2006