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Professor Mort Anvari


Mort Anvari taught manufacturing and industrial systems engineering courses at the University of Michigan where he received his three engineering degrees. He joined General Motor as a production engineer and later as an operations research and systems analyst at the cost and economic analysis center, a think tank in Washington DC. Mort, currently as the acquisition costing director, is responsible for independent cost, risk, economic, and environmental analyses of major defense acquisition programs including networks, C4ISR, land systems, missiles, and aircrafts. Mort is responsible for successful completion of many complex high visibility projects on cost and on the planned schedule. Mort has published numerous articles on cost, risk, and systems analysis. He is the winner of the 2006 DoD modeling and simulation award. Mort has recently completed a two years cost culture initiative in SWA theater, where he directed a team of senior analysts in analyses of the requirements, capacity, readiness, and cost of the responsible drawdown from Iraq and the Afghanistan operation. In his latest projects Mort is leading a six sigma team is process improvement of the Army cost benefit analysis program and the organizational right sizing initiatives.


P.O Box 15841

Arlington Virginia 22215


Morteza Anvari

Cost Benefit Analysis, Economic Studies, and Risk Assessment in Support of Resource Informed Decisions

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Professor Anvari  has continued his passion for teaching as an adjunct professor for the last 15 years at local universities in Washington DC where he teaches networking, project management, operating systems, systems analysis, and cost management.  

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